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Traditional postpartum care for lifelong health

As a Newborn Mother, the care and nurturance you receive in the first 6 weeks of your postpartum journey is foundational to your healing and whole body wellness.

Looking for the perfect gift for the Newborn Mothers in your life? Let's revolutionize the "Baby Shower" items on their list and gift them the opportunity to receive deep nourishment to support their postpartum healing and wellness. Newborn babies don't need much; some second hand clothes and choice of diapers. What babies truly need is a mother who is deeply resourced to be able to care for her infant. 

About the Food and Products

All food and elixirs are prepared from scratch using whole, organic, local ingredients inspired by the season. Items are gluten and dairy-free and are properly prepared for digestibility. Food and elixirs are curated to be warm in temperature, warming in nature, easily digestible and nutrient-dense to support a Newborn Mother's physiology in the early postpartum. 


Click this link for an example of my menu to get a taste for what you might expect. This document provides an example ONLY. Items are subject to change based on availability and accessibility. Please indicate any allergies or dietary restrictions when filling out the Intake Form.

Please note: I do not offer raw or vegan options. 

All herbal products are handmade with certified organic ingredients from ethical sources. All herbal oils are handcrafted with love and care using slow infusion techniques that ensure potency and freshness.

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Postpartum care is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

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Postpartum Wellness

Around the globe, all traditional postpartum practices are similar because they are rooted in our physiological design as women. While the expression of these practices vary based on the different landscapes, they follow a recipe for providing the biological imperatives for Mothers to feel nurtured, special and proud in order to recover from birth.

Each postpartum offering at Connection Continuum has been intentionally curated to rejuvenate Newborn Mothers by providing whole-body care through nutritional, emotional and hands-on support following the five universal prescriptions of postpartum wellness by Rachelle Garcia of INNATE Traditions: rest, warmth, specific foods, body work and community. 

Postpartum Care Services

Travel & Delivery Fees

Travel/delivery fees will be billed separately at $0.70/km on top of the service price for in-home services beyond 30kms from my home in Clementsvale, NS. Fees apply to each individual visit or delivery. No charge for the first 30kms of each visit.

Contact me to get a quote

Nourishing Kitchen Meal Plans can be picked up at no charge at an agreed upon location between Bear River, NS and Annaoplis Royal, NS. 

Birth Integration Sessions are available over Zoom as an alternative to travel.

If you're booking a service as a gift on behalf of someone else, please make the booking using their name and email.

Proud Father

"When Mothers are flourishing, whole families will flourish. When whole families living together in common-unity flourish, humanity flourishes."

-Rachelle Garcia of Innate Traditions


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INNATE Postpartum Care - Planning for the Fourth Trimester Course COMING SOON!

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