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Pregnant Woman by Birch

I'm so glad you're here.

Forest Trees

Imagine a world...

Where babies are welcomed and loved into being long before their conception. Where women and men during their fertile years are fed specific, nutrient-dense foods to support the health of their future children and the future generations to come. Where women are celebrated and honoured during their menses and taught the natural cycles of their bodies, deeply connected to the rhythms of the earth and moon. Where men are guided into their rightful role as protector. Where pregnancy is seen as a deep journey for the Mother to explore her deepest fears, her desires and sexuality with the support of the women in her community. Where babies in the womb are recognized as conscious, sentient beings longing to connect and communicate. Where women can birth undisturbed, connected to their bodies and their babies. Where the traditions of postpartum care are kept alive and all women receive the deep nourishment and rest that is their birthright. Where maternal health and happiness is recognized as a direct reflection of the health of the entire community. Where babies are welcomed into their communities and their biological blueprint is fulfilled, laying the foundation of life-long health for their children, and their children's children. Where each and every one of us is supported by our community during each stage of our life journey.

I m a g i n e . . .


M Y   S T O R Y

When I first found out I was pregnant I fully immersed myself in the world of birth. I read every book and obsessed over home-birth videos. I belly danced. I talked to my growing baby in the womb and gathered the essential items I would need in the early days. I was ready to step into my new role as Mother! Or, so I thought. After the early weeks of bathing in the beautiful oxytocin river of Love, I would soon find out how ill-prepared I was for this transition into my new role and how fast-paced, modern society would not slow down to support or honour me as a Newborn Mother. I was severely sleep-deprived, in constant pain, isolated and lonely and deeply undernourished and under-resourced.

I knew I needed help but I didn’t know what.

It wasn’t long after that I was introduced to Rachelle Garcia of Innate Traditions, and I was immediately hooked. She was not only describing my postpartum experience and that of so many women, she was sharing the wisdom of traditional cross-cultural prescriptions for postpartum wellness that if implemented, would heal and rejuvenate the new mother and have her emerge from her postpartum period thriving. She was speaking truth, and it resonated on all levels of my being.

I didn’t want to just survive Motherhood anymore; I wanted to thrive. 

When the intake for her 9-month Innate Postpartum Practitioner training rolled around, I jumped on the opportunity to immerse myself in these ancient, cross-cultural postpartum traditions to heal my mind, body & soul so that I could one day share them with the women in my community. That day has come and I am thrilled to be launching this new endeavor. 

This past year has been life altering, to say the least. With immense gratitude, I have had the opportunity to learn and implement these prescriptions on myself reclaiming this deep nourishment that is my birthright. I am so grateful to honour this lineage of work through my heartfelt offerings. It is my hope that through this service I can help change the going  narrative from, postpartum care is a luxury to, postpartum care is a necessity.

Happy Family


Connection is at the heart of our practice. We understand that a felt sense of safety requires the presence of connection


We acknowledge that the journey in bringing forth new life is the thread that connects us to our ancestors and influences the health and happiness of future generations


It is with deep gratitude that I acknowledge the lineage in which this work flourishes from. To my teacher, Rachelle Garcia Seligia of INNATE Traditions and her dedication to midwifing a cultural shift, co-creating a new world centred on maternal care and life honouring practices. To her teachers and all those who have and continue to make a commitment to honour all Life and support the healing process for all of humanity. I am grateful for their perseverance, their courage to stand for Truth and the power of their vision for all life to thrive. I can't think of any better way to honour this lineage than to continue it forward with my heart-felt offerings. 

With Love,


Holding Plant
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