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Pregnant belly

Pregnancy Dialogues

A small group-based program supporting prenatal bonding & attachment

Pregnancy Dialogues ™ is a facilitated discussion group for pregnant mothers to explore topics around family, partner, and infant relationships before, during, and after a new baby enters the family.

In a supportive small group setting, mothers will have the opportunity to focus on: 

Connecting to this pregnancy and this baby

Practicing relaxation and breathing exercises to reduce stress

Having a dialogue with the baby in the womb and feeling the baby's reaction

Balancing self-care with new family dynamics and life after birth
A primary focus of the program is to promote safety, trust, and support within a group of pregnant mothers sharing a similar stage in life. The program includes six 2-hour sessions with the group before birth and a follow-up group session 1-2 months afterbirth. In the past 6 years, over 300 mothers have completed the Pregnancy Dialogues ™ program in Europe resulting in improved maternal and infant outcomes.
Each session we will have the opportunity to engage in a Mother-Baby Connection exercise followed by a group dialogue based on the following themes:

1. Your Pregnancy
2. Your Baby Within
3. You as a Mother
4. Your New Family
5. Birth of Your Baby
6. Life with Your Baby after Birth

A group follow-up session will be organized after all the babies in the group are born to introduce the new babies, reflect on the birth experiences & celebrate within community.
Discover the wonderful benefits of joining a Pregnancy Dialogue™ circle in this short video: 

The next Pregnancy Dialogues series will run FALL 2024.
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